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Vanessa Elise Baker

Vanessa Elise Baker is a top-flight television and radio host with over 10 years of professional broadcasting experience. Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Journalism, she thrives on getting the story and connecting with interesting people.

Vanessa is the first African American to win Miss New Jersey USA. She went on to compete in the nationally televised Miss USA pageant. During the competition, Baker worked with over 20 different organizations and charities. Her main platform: blood donation; a cause near and dear to her heart, led to her role as the spokesperson for the American Red Cross--New Jersey/Penn Region.

In addition, Baker is well traveled with an extensive career in modeling, show production, and dance choreography. She’s a beauty model on QVC, representing brands like Bare Minerals and Laura Geller, and previously choreographed the Philadelphia Sixers and New Jersey Nets dance teams, respectively.

Vanessa is a proven self-starter with the ability to generate and produce stories, popular with viewers and has a genuine interest in a variety of subjects. Her ability to stay calm and “think on her feet” coupled with a very quick wit, is what makes Vanessa a captivating storyteller.

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